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Company Profile
A. G. Engineering is an Indian company, manufacturing and exporting the finest Graphite Rod, Graphite Powder, Rubber Pads, Rubber Bushes and other Rubber Products. The modern rubber pads are used amidst machine parts to restrict vibrations and leaks. These also provide a tight assembly which ensures smooth operation of the machinery. The collection of Rubber Bushes is offered in different sizes with assurance of good resistance and high flexibility. All our rubber products are guaranteed to be innovative and impart the best performance during the operation of equipment. We conduct through checks on the bushes, pads etc made from graded rubber, to assure their high quality.

Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Service Provider , Supplier
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • World Wide Customer Base
  • Affordable Rates
  • Unique Services Provided
  • Well Experienced Workforce. 

OEM Service Provided Yes
Product Range

Plate Type Heat Exchange Gaskets

Poly-U-rethane (PU) Star Coupling L - Series

Plastic Cover For Bearing Conveyor

Rubber Strips Of Various Sizes & Different Cross Section

Rubber Stator For High Flow Pumps (Rubber & Metal Bounded)

Rubber Plugs

Rubber Tyre Couplings

Butterfly Valve Rubber Sheets

Rubber Chevron Packings for Ram

Rubber Star Couplings L - Series

Rubber Anti-vibration Pads

Rubber Oil Seals, Buffers

Rubber Trolly Wheels

Mechanical Seals

Rubber Double Cuff Pistons

Rubber Hydraulic Hose Pipes For High & Low Pressure Working

Rubber Strips, Rubber Discs, Rubber Stereos

Rubber Pads, Rubber Bushes, Rubber Gutkas

Rubber Bushes For Coupling Bolts

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Rubber Coller V Seals

Rubber '0', 'V' & 'U' Rings

Rubber Hydraulic Bucket

MS Fabricated Trolley To Carry Sugar Bags, etc.

Services Offered
  1. Preventive Maintenance of all types of pumps

  • Centrifugal Pump

  • Reciprocating Pump (Plungers Pumps)

  • Rotary Pump

  • Screw Pumps

  1. All Types of Compressors

  2. Heat Exchangers

  • Plate Type Heat Exchangers (PHE) Repair & Maintenance as well as supply of Gasket & Gasket Cement etc. (We are the manufacturer of Gasket, Rubber Items, PU component & Gasket Cement etc. We also Fabricate Mechanical parts as per your drawings)

  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers

  1. Hydrolyzer

  2. Vessel Opening & Box-up

  3. Ammonia Converters

  4. All types of joints (Metallic)

  • DC (Double Cone Joints)

  • Meta Flux Joints / SWG

  • GE Lock Joints

  • Lens ring Joints

  1. Non Metallic Joints

  • Gasketting & Packing

  • Rubber Joints

  1. Plasma Coating (Ceramic coating)

Apart from this, we are also engaged in executing following specific jobs:

  • Reclamation & reconditioning of PHE plates.

  • Reclamation of seamless pipe & hose pipe with SS net of tube type heat exchanger & boiler.

  • TIG welding on any ferrous & non-ferrous metal.

  • Hastelloy, SS, ceramic & any ferrous & non-ferrous metallizing coating on any machinery parts like pumps casing etc.

  • Rubber gasket of plate heat exchanger in different M.O.C.

  • Gasket cement/glue

  • PVC lining, rubber lining, FRP (glass fiber)

  • Zinc, nickel crome, silver, hard croming, hard anodizing, SS, copper, tin & cadmium plating.

  • Fabrication of all types of loom machine, machinery parts & sheet metal.

  • Maintenance of all types of valve, pumps & high pressure joint & packing.

  • Heat exchanger tube & other multiple cleaning through high pressure triplex plunger pumps

  • Thermal Coating Spray.

Standard Certification
ISO 9001:2008 Certified.